7-Step Framework to Creating Content that Drives More Traffic, Conversions, + ROI

A Talk by Carolyn Lyden
President + Lead SEO, Search Hermit

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Topic clusters have been a big trend in content marketing and SEO--and with good reason. They often help us rank well in search results. However, the way the model is created doesn't actually take the user into consideration.

In digital marketing, it’s easy to become detached from our target audience. We end up optimizing our sites for ourselves, our peers and who we think our target audiences are. To remedy this inward-looking content generation method, Carolyn proposes a user-focused content matrix.

This method ensures that our content isn’t just a self-congratulatory pat on the back – but actually gives users what they’re looking for online and helps move them down our sales and marketing cycle funnel.

Talk attendees will leave this presentation with - a better understanding of Google's goals (and how to write toward them) - how to create content that truly caters to your target audience's needs - a DIY framework to take home and instantly create this content model for yourself

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